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Travels in the 8th: Snapshots and Insights from the Campaign Trail 6/14-6/21

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Travels in the 8th: Snapshots and Insights from the Campaign Trail 6/14-6/21

It’s been an action-packed and profoundly encouraging week on the campaign trail, from...

Raskin Campaign Releases Map of Endorsements Within Maryland’s 8th District

SILVER SPRING, MD---State Senator Jamie Raskin’s campaign for Congress in Maryland's 8th District, which has received endorsements from more than 50 elected officials generally, released a map today showcasing the 33 endorsements he...

Raskin Campaign Announces "Thrilling" New Endorsement from State Senator Susan Lee

SILVER SPRING, MD – State Senator Jamie Raskin’s campaign for Congress in Maryland's Eighth District announced yet another big endorsement today, this one from Senator Susan Lee (D-16).

Senator Lee...

RELEASE: Raskin Campaign Announces More Endorsements

TAKOMA PARK, MD – Only a few weeks after announcing his campaign for Congress with a long list of supporters, State Senator Jamie Raskin announced today even more endorsements from Montgomery County elected leaders in the 8th District...

Washington Jewish Week: Raskin's ambition to be in moral center

By Melissa Apter

At his campaign kick-off, Maryland state Sen. Jamie Raskin declared that his “ambition is not to be in the political center.”

“My ambition,” said the congressional candidate, “is to be in the moral center...

Release: Raskin Wins Early Endorsement from Progressive Democrats of America in Congressional Campaign

National Group Calls Raskin "an accomplished coalition-builder," "a zealous constituent servant," and a "courageous leader" 

SILVER SPRING, MD – The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) have endorsed State Senator Jamie Raskin in his...

Letter to the Editor: Raskin would make a good representative in Congress

Thank you for your article about state Sen. Jamie Raskin launching his campaign for the U.S. Congress (April 22).

As a constituent of Sen. Raskin and one of some 500 supporters who joined Attorney...

The Eagle: WCL Professor launches bid for Congress

By Cuneyt Dil

Washington College of Law professor and Maryland State Sen. Jamie B. Raskin entered the race to fill the seat for the state’s 8th congressional district on April 19.

Raskin (D), who represents Silver Spring...

SALON: Scalia and Roberts don’t know best: Here’s how we take our politics back from reactionary court and billionaire donors

By Jamie Raskin 

Right-wing justices have perverted our campaign-finance system. There's a mechanism to reclaim it: The Constitution

If you take away Prohibition (the 18th Amendment) and its repeal (the 21st), most of our...

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