Meet Jamie Raskin

Congressman Jamie Raskin proudly represents Maryland’s 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district includes most of Montgomery County and a small part of Prince George’s County. He was sworn into his fourth Term at the start of the 118th Congress on January 6, 2023.

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Democracy Summer

Mobilizing the Next Generation of Democratic Leaders and Organizers

The Democracy Summer project trains and deploys the next generation of Democratic organizers and leaders to win elections all over America.

Founded by Congressman Jamie Raskin, backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and buoyed by thousands of supportive alumni across the country, Democracy Summer engages high school and college-aged young people in state-of-the-art tactics in voter registration, canvassing and digital political organizing.

Through on-line seminars with leading historians, law professors, political organizers and union and elected leaders, it provides an intensive education in the historical struggle for democratic freedom and essential lessons for effective political leadership today.

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“There’s a moral character to him.
You just feel you want to be like Jamie.”

Peter Welch
U.S. Senator, Vermont

“Jamie Raskin, Defender of Democracy Award”

Jewish Democratic Council of America

“In his resistance to doctrine as well as his intellect, no one today comes closer than Jamie does to the revolutionary generation’s ideal of a public servant.”

Sean Wilentz
Princeton historian

“A hero to working families”

Progressive Maryland

“The best constitutional lawyer in all of Congress.”

Laurence Tribe
Professor Emeritus, Harvard Law School

“One of the most engaged and effective proponents of real democracy in Congress today.”

The Nation

“A Person of the Year. An individual who embodies both the tragedy and resilience of our time.”

The New Yorker

“Washingtonian of the Year”


“In the hearings for Trump’s second impeachment, to watch Raskin make his icily logical yet passionately democratic opening and closing arguments was to witness an astonishing act not just of personal courage but of civic ardor.”

The New Republic

“The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society. [Jamie Raskin] is exactly the kind of representative Madison had in mind, one governed by reason rather than passion, and devoted to the public good rather than to partisan interests.”

Jeffrey Rosen
President and CEO of the National Constitution Center

“There are some Members of Congress who are universally beloved by their colleagues and respected… because of who they are as people. Jamie Raskin is one of those people. He is also just a wonderful human being and a wonderful example of a public servant.”

Rachel Maddow

“Maybe it’s not an accident that the fates saw to it that Raskin and Donald Trump were both elected to federal office on the same night in 2016: that just as certain dark forces sent to Washington democracy’s destroyer, a man who would have appalled the Founders with his dishonesty and proud ignorance and naked self-dealing, other forces sent democracy’s defender—an admirer of Thomas Paine and William James and the social movements that have pushed this country to live up to its stated principles, an utterly incorruptible public servant, the epitome of the kind of person the Founders envisioned running our government.”

The New Republic

“It was an honor of a lifetime to have served under the leadership of Jamie Raskin during the second impeachment trial of the former President.”

Ted Lieu
U.S. Representative, CA-36

“Exceptional Moral Courage in Public Service”

Truman Center

“Jamie Raskin Banned for Life in Russia by Vladimir Putin”

“No, I will not answer any more of your stupid questions that are always attacking me or President Trump”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

“Elijah Cummings Defender of Democracy Award”

Howard County Democrats

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