Students for Jamie Are Organizing to Win!

High school and college students active in our Democracy Summer program created an organization for students supporting Jamie. Join the movement by adding your name to the list of students working to elect Jamie to Congress. Every vote counts so be sure to get out and vote on Tuesday, April 26. If you need help registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot, check out the Student Section of our Voter Information page. Help us spread the movement on social media by liking the Students for Jamie Facebook page. Direct message us or email to get involved. 

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A Record of Accomplishment for Students

As State Senator for over a decade, Jamie has championed extensive legislation to improve the lives of students in Maryland and beyond. He has been an effective advocate for student rights, early voter registration for teenagers, public school funding, and smart public education reform. Check out some of his accomplishments below and see why we think he will be the effective champion of students and young people that we need in Congress. 

Constitutional Rights of Students

With the support of Cissy Marshall and the late Mrs. Mary Brennan, Jamie founded the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project which sends law students into D.C.-area public schools to teach a course in constitutional literacy to high school students. For over 15 years, Project fellows have taught students the essential constitutional knowledge that all young Americans need to have.  The Project has spread to 20 law schools across America.  Jamie wrote the acclaimed book for the program, We the Students: Supreme Court Cases for and about America’s Students, which has many tens of thousands of copies in print.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

Jamie has won cases defending the rights of Maryland students to free speech and press. He introduced and passed this Session a bill to expansively protect freedom of the press and free speech for student journalists at public schools and universities in Maryland. Thanks to Jamie’s advocacy, these freedoms may be made secure in Maryland against hostile government officials and a conservative Supreme Court determined to hack away at the rights of student journalists.  

Voting Rights for Teenagers

As a passionate defender of voting rights, Jamie led the charge to grant voting rights to 17-year-olds in primary elections if they will be 18 in time for the general. Thanks to his advocacy, 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the time of the 2016 General Election can vote in the Tuesday, April 26 Primary Election. Jamie also championed the proposal to give 16 and 17-year olds the right to vote in Takoma Park’s local elections.

Teenage Voter Registration

Jamie introduced and passed legislation to lower the voter registration age to 16 in the state of Maryland. Thanks to his efforts, high school students can get registered to vote before they graduate and go off into the work force or to college or to the military.

Online Financial Literacy Program

Jamie has co-sponsored legislation to require the Department of Education to develop an online financial literacy curriculum for high school students. This program enables students to leave school equipped with real-world financial skills for money management, credit and debt solutions, and investment planning. 

Breakfast After the Bell Program
Jamie co-sponsored a bill that passed this Session to establish a “Breakfast After the Bell” Program requiring specified public schools to offer free breakfast to every student. Jamie recognizes the importance of how meeting basic needs beyond the classroom, like making sure no child is hungry, can facilitate student success in the classroom.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs Funding

In 2011 and 2012 Jamie led the fight to pass marriage equality on the Senate floor and worked hard to defend it at the polls when Republicans petitioned it to the ballot.  In 2014, he was lead sponsor and floor leader for the bill to extend civil rights protections to transgender people in Maryland. A staunch defender of civil liberties, Jamie successfully championed passage of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act and won an award from the ACLU for his zealous defense of civil rights and civil liberties.

Protections for Transgender Individuals

In 2011 and 2012 Jamie led the fight to pass marriage equality on the Senate floor and worked hard to defend it at the polls when Republicans petitioned it to the ballot.  In 2014, he was lead sponsor and floor leader for the bill to extend civil rights protections to transgender people in Maryland. A staunch defender of civil liberties, Jamie successfully championed passage of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act and won an award from the ACLU for his zealous defense of civil rights and civil liberties.

The Dream Act: In-state College Tuition for Immigrant Students

In 2011, Jamie co-sponsored the Dream Act, which extended in-state college tuition to undocumented immigrants who attended high school in Maryland.

What Students Are Saying About Jamie

"I am volunteering for Jamie because I believe he has an exceptional understanding of both today's pressing issues and, more importantly, those of the future. I really like that his general approach to a given topic is informed by experience but also a genuine desire to take on political and social issues that create disparities in wealth and opportunity. Jamie has translated his compassion for challenges from gun violence to climate change into tangible solutions and can point to dozens of pieces of legislation that treat these and several other concerns of our time." Melissa Downey, Georgetown University

"I support Jamie because for the last ten years he has been an incredibly effective legislator in Annapolis who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to achieve meaningful change without compromising on his values, ethics or principles." Jake Buchholz, Wake Forest University

“I am supporting Senator Jamie Raskin for Maryland’s 8 Congressional district because he is a moral center and a progressive leader of national significance. Furthermore, Raskin has been an unflinching advocate of constitutional education, having sent hundreds of upper-level law students yearly into public high schools in Washington, D.C. and Maryland to educate them in constitutional literacy. I am also supporting Senator Raskin because he is one of the nation’s prominent advocates for voting rights, ensuring no one is disenfranchised because of socioeconomic status, race, creed, and gender. Everyone has to have his/her constitutional voting rights.” Micheal Emmanuel, Liberty University

“Jamie Raskin is a true progressive leader with impressive experience who realizes the importance of public education in the lives of working families.” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García

"I support Jamie because I have confidence that he can find and push for creative solutions to some of the biggest issues of our time.  He has already proposed Shareholders United (a remedy for the Citizens United ruling) and the Potomac Compact (a remedy for gerrymandering). Looking forward to seeing him move our country forward!" Raja Ramesh, Richard Montgomery High School

"I am interning for Jamie because of his proven record of championing women's rights and criminal justice reform, like his leadership in the State Senate to abolish the death penalty in 2013." Caitlin Aberg, Howard University

"Jamie has been my State Senator for the last ten years. He has always fought for the progressive causes that I believe in, and there is nobody I would rather have represent me in Congress. Luke Borwegen, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

"I am interning for Jamie because I believe we need to elect more candidates that are willing to make combating climate change a top priority." Lex Nunno, George Washington University

“Students for Jamie” Members

Caitlin Aberg, Howard University

Mike Abrams, St. Mary’s College of Maryland 

Maria Adamou, American University      

Molly Albert, Walt Whitman High School

Jason Alinsky, University of Cincinnati, Class of 2013

Maurico Angel, Northwood High School     

Erika Armetta, University of Maryland, College Park       

Peter Adler Asch, Oberlin College

Owen Baniak, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

Leon Barham, Dickinson College       

Rebecca Barker, Sidwell Friends School

Jason Barnes, Columbia University

Magdalene Bedi, American University    

Sam Bilsky, Montgomery Blair High School       

Luke Borwegen, University of Maryland, Baltimore County           

Will Borwegen, Saint Mary's College of Maryland

Avi Brach-Neufeld, Georgetown Day School

Jonah Bregstone, Oberlin College

Samantha Brown, George Washington University           

Jacob Buchholz, Wake Forest University 

Calean Campbell, Sidwell Friends School          

Vania Canales-Canales, University of Toronto   

Julio Ceron, University of Maryland, College Park

Ava Chenok, Walt Whitman High School

Amy Chin-Lai, American University

Sungyeon Cho, Glenelg High School

Mark Christner,  Sidwell Friends School 

Ryan Cirillo, Walter Johnson High School          

Mary Claire Cranford, Washington and Lee University    

Ross Cohen-Kristiansen, University of Maryland, College Park    

Russell Corbin, Richard Montgomery High School         

Anna Cork, Sidwell Friends School        

Lily Cork, Walt Whitman High School    

Annie Cotter, George Washington University      

Matt Cox, American University  

Michelle Janney-Coyle, George Mason High School       

Christopher Cruz, University of Maryland, College Park  

Matthew Cubetus, Sturgis West High School     

Clarke Davis, Montgomery College        

Ian Donaldson, Montgomery Blair High School  

Melissa Downey, Georgetown University

Brenda Dubon, Northwood High School

Ruth Dudley, University of Maryland, College Park             

Camilla Duke, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart   

Jaenen El-Hiffnawi, Walt Whitman High School

Paul Ellis, Ohio State University

Krystle Estes, Howard Law School

Cole Ettinghoff, George Washington University

Robin Fisher, University of California, Los Angeles            

Jen Fletcher, American University         

Kate Fletcher, Syracuse University        

Alonso Flores, McLean High School      

Max Foley-Keene, Montgomery Blair High School          

Jake Foley-Keene, Montgomery Blair High School         

Erin Frith, George Washington University

Karla Fuentes, Northwood High School              

Alex Gamcsik, American University 

Elana Gold, CUNY School of Law

Josh Goldberg, Sidwell Friends School           

Anya Goodman, Skidmore College        

Dena Goodman, Northwestern University, Class of 2014

Emma Gordon, Eastman School of Music         

John Gorman, Montgomery Blair High School

Tzivya Graff, Montgomery College

Gus Greenstein, Amherst College, Class of 2014

Raina Greifer, Northwood High School

Rael Griffin, American University

Danny Grossman, University of Michigan

Hope Grossman, George Washington University

Lily Habenstreit, Einstein High School   

Noah Habenstreit, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Derek Hankim, Landon School for Boys   

Elizabeth Harris, Villanova University     

Chris Harwick, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Silvia Hernandez, Northwood High School     

Miranda Herrera, American University   

Brady Hill, American University

Lauren Hill, University of Wisconsin-Waukesha

Benjamin Hills, American University, Class of 2015  

Tyler Horne, American University          

Max Horvath. MacAlester College

Becca Hunsberger, Loyola Marymount University           

Trap Jarvey, Tulane University, Class of 2015                

Brian Joe, Richard Montgomery High School     

Catherine Joe, Juliet West Middle School          

Christina Joe, Juliet West Middle School

Sarah Joyce, Montgomery Blair High School     

Minjee Jung, Poolesville High School   

Eric Jung, Roberto Clemente Middle School

Adam Kadir, University of Rochester      

Josh Kalla, University of California, Berkeley    

Swetha Kareti, George Washington University   

Mac Keller, University of Maryland, College Park                

Mihir Khetarpal, University of Maryland, College Park     

Christian Kim, Roberto Clemente Middle School

Nicole Kim, Roberto Clemente Middle School    

Diana Kong-Wasielewski, College of William and Mary, Class of 2014     

Alyssa Landow, Lehigh University         

Nordine Latreche, Sciences Po Paris     

Austin Lee, Richard Montgomery High School

Ye-Ji Lee, American University   

William Leonard, American University    

Naomi Levitsky, Brighton High School    

Anya Lilaoonwala, Bucknell University   

Sam Liss, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School 

Andy Litzenberg, American University

Claire Liu, Walt Whitman High School

Kira Loshin, Berman Hebrew Academy    

Mallory MacRostie, Sewanee, Class of 2014      

Juliette MacRostie, Elon University       

Kyla Matthews, Holton-Arms School

Grady Martin, James Madison University 

Granger Martin, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School     

Stephen Marton, Pennsylvania State University

Skyler Matuska, Montgomery Blair High School     

Tisya Mavuram, University of Maryland, College Park     

Lay McDowell, Gilford Technical Community College

Matt Medeiros, George Washington University       

Alexandra Melinchok, Montgomery Blair High School     

Samantha Menegas, Georgetown University      

Ben Miller, Montgomery Blair High School         

Ashley Morefield, Dickinson College      

Jamal Mtshali, Amherst College

Caroline Mullins, Sidwell Friends School

Caroline Nash, Sidwell Friends School  

Sam Nickelhoff, American University

Amelia Nielson, Colorado State University         

Grayce Niles, Bowdoin College   

Maria Novitskaya, University of Maryland, College Park

Lex Nunno, George Washington University        

Drew Olsen, Westland Middle School    

Anna Olson, Montgomery Blair High School       

Micheal Onu, Liberty University 

Dongha Park, Oakton High School   

Bana Petros, Paint Branch High School         

Luke Pinton, University of Maryland, College Park, Class of 2015

Sydney Poretsky, George Washington University           

Eva Poretsky, Stoneridge Class of 2007

Justin Quam, Georgetown University

Raja Ramesh, Richard Montgomery High School

Boman Raskin, Marshall High School

Hannah Raskin, Amherst College, Class of 2014

Mariah Raskin, Virginia Tech 

Tabitha Raskin, Amherst College          

Tommy Raskin, Amherst College          

Jason Richter, University of Pennsylvania

Ari Rickman, University of Maryland, College Park 

Dan Rivera, Amherst College, Class of 2014            

Charlie Reighard, Amherst College, Class of 2014 

Sonia Roman, American University Washington College of Law  

Alec Roper, American University

Emily Rosas, Blair High School 

Katie Rosenfeld, Wootton High School  

Julie Rosenstein, Walt Whitman High School     

Noreen Rozario, University of Maryland, College Park    

Doreen Rozario, University of Maryland, College Park    

Hannah Ryen, Brighton High School   

Matthew Senie, American University    

Sam Shapiro, Bard College, Class of 2013         

Madison Sharp, Bard College

Rosie Silvers, Richard Montgomery High School 

Gregory Snyder, American University    

Jalakoi Solomon, George Washington University, Class of 2015  

Maya Sorini, Washington University in St. Louis 

Clare Spechte, Georgia Tech    

Michelle Armstrong-Spielberg, Montgomery Blair High School 

Tom Stanley-Becker, Yale University, Class of 2013

Haley Stone, Northwood High School       

Eve Strictberger, Sidwell Friends School

David Struewing, Temple University   

Max Testa, American University

John Thomas, University of North Carolina, Class of 2013

Alex Tobin, University of Maryland, College Park

Emily Tompkins, Walt Whitman High School   

Kathryn Urban, George Washington University   

Nicole Valentine, University of Maryland, College Park

Maya Wallick, University of Maryland, College Park

Olivia Wallick, University of Maryland, College Park

Zack Wathen, Montgomery Blair High School    

Tess Wellington, Walt Whitman High School      

Amanda Wessel, Montgomery Blair High School

Bill White, University of Maryland, Baltimore County       

Brigette Wilson, Sidwell Friends School

Carrie Witkop, George Washington University    

Robert Wood, Montgomery College       

Tori Worrell, Montgomery College         

Baobao Zhang, Yale University 

Daniel Zinn, University of Wisconsin     

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