Rep. Raskin’s record in Congress by the numbers

During his time in Congress, Rep. Raskin has secured funding for these federally supported programs and organizations that serve the 8th District by working in partnership with colleagues in the Maryland congressional delegation.
Secured more than $265,000 in vouchers to help people in Carroll County get affordable housing
Secured more than $11 million for new Metrobuses and to increase service reliability
Secured more than $484,000 in funding for the Interfaith Housing Alliance to help low-income people construct and fix homes in Frederick County and Carroll County
Secured nearly $5.5 million for hiring more firefighters in Frederick County to maintain constant staffing
Secured over $270,000 for hiring and retaining more firefighters in Westminster to maintain constant staffing
Secured more than $760,000 for recruiting and training more firefighters in Montgomery County, including over $536,000 for the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association and over $244,000 for the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department
Secured more than $653,000 to repair roads after flooding and mudslides in Frederick County
Secured $50,000 to support volunteer community service efforts as part of MLK Day of Service in Montgomery County
Secured $481,000 to combat the opioid crisis in Maryland, including $167,000 for The Community Clinic in Silver Spring, and $167,000 for Mobile Medical Care in Bethesda
Secured over $2.5 million to combat the opioid crisis in Maryland by supporting the efforts of the Maryland State Police
Secured more than $6.1 million for ocean education activities of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation in Silver Spring
Secured more than $296,000 for a UMD/Montgomery College/Prince George’s Community College partnership to train STEM educators
Secured $2.7 million for the University of Maryland (UMD) and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) for research on neutron scattering, and educate the public on the field of neutron scattering
Secured $10 million increase for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) at Fort Detrick in Frederick to support grants for research into multiple types of cancer
Secured $125 million for the Howard Street Tunnel project in Baltimore, allowing double-stack rail travel from the Port of Baltimore to support the economy statewide and create more than 7,000 jobs
Secured over $6.5 million to expand and modernize the Port of Baltimore, increasing capacity and growing Maryland’s economy



Working to address the climate crisis

A leader for environmental protection in the Maryland State Senate (2007-2016) where he authored the Green Maryland Act, Jamie has been an equally passionate champion in Congress. He voted for the Climate Action Now Act to prevent the U.S. from withdrawing from the Paris agreement, and became one of the first cosponsors of the Green New Deal in Congress. "Climate change isn't just an issue, it's the entire context within which we must make our public policy decisions."

Ending the epidemic of gun violence

A member of the House Judiciary Committee, Jamie organized to pass HR-8, for universal criminal and mental background checks on all gun purchases, and the bill closing the Charleston loophole. He is working to pass a ban on high-capacity magazines and the sale of military-style assault weapons, to promote red-flag laws and to confiscate weapons from individuals convicted of hate violence.

Fighting for middle-class prosperity and Security for all Americans

In Congress, he voted for passing the Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 7) and the Raise the Wage Act (HR 582) –– advocates raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and is fighting to defend the right to organize and collective bargaining.

Protecting Women's Health Choices

A strong champion of reproductive freedom and women's health care, Jamie fought to renew the Violence Against Women Act, opposes all efforts to undermine choice, and supports repeal of the Hyde Amendment.

Taking on the Roberts Court and the Koch Brothers to Defend Democracy

As “one of America’s most ardent advocates for democracy” (The Nation 4/20/15) Jamie is a champion of sweeping campaign finance reform, a powerful defender of voting rights, and a passionate critic of Citizens United and the Roberts Court’s systematic deregulation of big money in politics. 

Protecting Medicare and Social Security For Those Who’ve Earned It

Jamie believes that we should preserve and strengthen Social Security without endangering the benefits seniors have earned after a lifetime of work. 

Promoting Education and Working For the Success of All Students

A professor of constitutional law for 25 years, Jamie is passionately committed to the educational success of all young people.  

Protecting the Public’s Health

A long-time champion of single-payer health care, Jamie says, “In a modern democracy, good health care is not only a basic right of citizenship, it is a precondition for effective citizenship.” 

Defending the Constitution Against Right-Wing Attacks

A constitutional law professor and author of several books, including the Washington Post Bestseller Overruling Democracy: the Supreme Court versus the American People, Jamie will be a lucid and passionate voice defending constitutional freedom and recovering the Constitution and its true meanings from Tea Party extremists. 

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A strong supporter of the Maryland DREAM Act, Jamie believes that comprehensive immigration reform must be a top priority to break the deadlock in Congress and the country. 

Decency Towards Veterans

As a Senator, Jamie has constantly backed efforts to provide greater employment, educational and housing opportunities for Maryland’s veterans.  

Defending Marriage Equality Across the Country

A professor of constitutional law and a passionate champion of civil rights and civil liberties for all, Jamie not only campaigned on marriage equality in his first run for office in 2005 but led the Senate floor fight for marriage equality in Maryland both in 2011 and 2012, fending off hostile floor amendments, carefully explaining the constitutional underpinnings of the legislation, and vividly describing the situation of gay and lesbian couples experiencing discrimination under the old law. 

Defend Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Prevent Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

Jamie strongly supports nuclear non-proliferation and is backing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which is designed to thwart the Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. 

Defending the Labor Movement and the Right to Organize

Jamie has been an effective champion for the working women and men of Maryland.  

A Legacy of Championing Animal Protection

Throughout Jamie's decade in public office, he has championed animal rights and animal welfare.  

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