Protecting the Public’s Health

A long-time champion of single-payer health care, Jamie says, “In a modern democracy, good health care is not only a basic right of citizenship, it is a precondition for effective citizenship.” Jamie wants to see the health care system “organized rationally around the health needs of the people and promoting excellent nutrition and preventive care.”  He says that “the Affordable Care Act, with its ban on denying coverage to people with a preexisting condition and its policy of continuing to cover young people in their 20s, is a big improvement over the old system and should be defended against continuing right-wing attacks.”  As of May, nearly 17 million Americans had gained health insurance under the ACA, which is a significant and historic breakthrough.  But Jamie knows we can do even better.  He will work for a more cost-efficient system that reduces serious health inequities in the country, upholds women’s reproductive freedom, and promotes healthy nutrition and diet, exercise, and preventive health care for all Americans.

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