Youth Revolution’s on the Syllabus at Jamie Raskin’s Summer School

Rep. Jamie Raskin’s answer to the rough political climate is a little summer schooling.

“It’s been a tough time in Washington for the last couple years, and these young people give me hope,” the Maryland Democrat said of his political fellowship for 16- to 22-year-olds, Democracy Summer.

The law professor-turned-congressman started the program a decade ago to tap the energy of young Democrats. This year, he feels an “uprising” coming.

“Those of us who are trying to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and everything that America has accomplished in the last century ... we need the young people to understand precisely what’s under attack and to rise up to defend it,” he said.

Fellows spend six weeks knocking on doors and talking of a big blue wave. They don’t get paid. Instead, they get a crash course in progressive political organizing.

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