THE SENTINEL: Student protest result of “most divisive and polarizing campaign in our lifetime"

Raskin says student protest result of “most divisive and polarizing campaign in our lifetime”

Rep.-elect Jamie Raskin (D-8) said young people are “outraged and upset at what’s taken place” with the presidential election, which is why hundreds of Montgomery County high school students are protesting in the streets today.




“You know, Donald Trump ran the most divisive and polarizing campaign in our lifetime and it was immediately followed by a series of hate-inspired incidents across the country,” said Raskin, later adding, “So this presidential campaign has been totally destructive of the social fabric of the country and people are mobilizing to stand up for the values of tolerance and equal rights we believe in.”


Raskin called on protesters to avoid violence and hatred as they voice their dissent.


“And I hope you know, I hope the students are carrying the American flag and the Maryland flag because we're standing up for the values of both of them against a growing wave of intolerance and hate crimes across the country.”


The former state senator said Trump’s appointment of former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon as his chief strategist is “scaring the daylights out of people."


Raskin noted the walk-out protest “is a total student-organized thing. And the young people are going to be a very strong counterforce to right-wing reaction in America.”


We're with Jamie!

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