Raskin Campaign Index December 2015!

The First Nine Months of a Grassroots Campaign by the Numbers

  • Number of people attending our campaign events since our April launch: 4,617
  • Number of campaign-organized events (picnics, BBQs, rock-the-House parties, ice cream socials, Meet & Greets, town hall forums) in 2015: 86
  • Number of events I attended on the campaign trail in 2015: 382
  • Number of doors knocked so far in Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll Counties by volunteers, interns, staff, and me: 19,173
  • Number of yard signs hand-delivered by volunteers since we began: 1,869
  • Number of days until our end-of-2015 fundraising deadline: 3 – Click here to make a big difference right now!
  • Number of people who came to our town hall forum with Attorney General Frosh, Delegate Curt Anderson, Jennifer Pauliukonis, Ladd Everitt & Colin Goddard on stopping gun violence in America: 264
  • Campaign’s national ranking among non-incumbent Democrats for highest number of individual donors contributing: 1
  • Number of individual donations received so far in 2015: 6,567
  • Percentage of our contributions received that were $100 or less: 75%
  • Size of our lead in the first poll of the race due to nonstop grassroots organizing and our resonant message of effective progressive leadership: 9 points – Click here to fund our leading campaign!
  • Number of our campaign events attended by my State Senate colleagues Rich Madaleno, Susan Lee, Jim Rosapepe, Ron Young, and Karen Montgomery: 33
  • Number of our campaign events attended by Attorney General Brian Frosh: 13
  • Number of U.S. House Members belonging to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which endorsed our campaign last week: 72
  • Rank in seniority in the House of Representatives of Congressman John Conyers, who endorsed our campaign on its first day: 1
  • Number of people attending our boisterous Women for Jamie Kickoff Rally at the BCC Rescue Squad:  354
  • Number of high school & college students in our Democracy Summer internship program: 67
  • Amount of money we will raise today from reporting these amazing end-of-year campaign statistics: It’s all up to you – donate liberally now!
  • Number of days before I return to Annapolis for 2016 legislative session: 16
  • Number of days until April 26, 2016, primary election day: 119
  • How many people it takes to organize your neighborhood for victory: 1 (you!) 
  • State of the campaign: massive and rising everywhere. . .

All best holiday wishes and my hopes for a healthy and prosperous 2016,

p.s. My gratitude for your help: infinite.  Let’s end this remarkable year with a fundraising surge!


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