Polling Results – This is Big!

Dear Friends,

     Last week more than 300 people packed into the Silver Spring Civic Building for our two-hour Town Hall Meeting on gun violence and how to stop it.  Attorney General Brian Frosh afterwards praised our “campaign of substance.”

     Well, I know a lot of people wonder whether a “campaign of substance” cannot overcome big money in the age of Citizens United

    But I’m writing you to announce that the first poll of the campaign shows us with a strong 9-point lead over our nearest competitor.

     This poll confirms what hundreds of volunteers know from seven months of organizing on the ground in Montgomery, Frederick and Carroll Counties: we are winning across the 8th because voters want "a campaign of substance" and because we are organizing the grassroots passion and energy of true-blue Democrats to send effective progressive leadership to Congress.

     Please contribute today to help us spread our message to voters in Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll counties.

     Despite the fact we are $200,000 behind the fundraising leader and haven’t yet spent a dime advertising on TV or radio, we have built up a huge lead through grassroots organizing, including 75 house parties and hundreds of volunteers out knocking on doors every weekend since April.

     Meantime, what we have learned from the poll is that although lots of voters still don’t know me, when they learn of my record as an effective progressive legislator and activist, they are eager to join up. (To read our pollster's entire memo, visit our website.)

     Today’s news is excellent, but we still have tens of thousands more Democrats to go out and meet in just five months. Will you help us pay for an intensified and aggressive effort to reach all the voters by contributing today?

Will you help us raise $15,000 before Thanksgiving to keep our incredible grassroots momentum rolling through the holidays?

     As you know, we are the #1 grassroots Congressional campaign in America, having collected more than 5,000 contributions from individual voters, the vast majority in amounts of $100 or less and from people in Maryland. Please respond to these excellent polling numbers, which reflect a campaign that has now knocked on more than 18,000 doors in our district, with a generous contribution before our big pre-Thanksgiving deadline: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/firstpoll Now is the time for us to accelerate and expand our reach.

     Thank you for standing with me and building this exciting grassroots campaign.

All best,


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