NEWS RELEASE: Raskin Chosen for Influential Democratic Leadership Post

Raskin Chosen by New Members for Influential Democratic Leadership Post 

Rep.-Elect Raskin Will Serve on the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee 

Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin (MD-8) will serve on the influential House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee in the 115thCongress. The Committee sets the Democratic policy agenda and legislative priorities, and also determines Democratic Members’ committee assignments. Raskin’s fellow Freshman Members elected him this morning to represent the Freshman Class on the Committee. He was nominated by his fellow Maryland Representative-elect Anthony Brown (MD-4).

“What an honor to represent the 27 new House Democrats and their ambitious priorities for America on the Steering and Policy Committee. I’m thrilled to work with my colleagues from across the country to help shape a strong Democratic agenda in these tough times,” Raskin said. “The House Democratic Caucus will continue to champion the things that hardworking Americans care about: higher-paying jobs with better benefits; access to affordable health care coverage; retirement security for our nation’s senior citizens; economic opportunity for young people; and a cleaner environment for future generations. I look forward to working with my colleagues to guarantee that the House Democratic agenda reflects the diverse voices of hard-working Americans who need government to be on the side of the people.”

Although he is new to Congress, Raskin amassed considerable legislative experience during his time in the Maryland State Senate, where he also served as the Senate Majority Whip. After his 2006 election, Raskin quickly earned a reputation for building coalitions in Annapolis, and delivered a series of landmark legislative accomplishments. 

During his time in the Maryland Senate, Raskin worked to pass marriage equality legislation; abolish the death penalty; restore voting rights to former prisoners; increase the state’s minimum wage; pass the National Popular Vote Plan; reinvest in state infrastructure like highways, roads, and transit projects; pass the Dream Act; and lower greenhouse gas emissions.


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