Bethesda Beat - Democrats Fire Up Base at Town Hall Meeting in Silver Spring Event doubled as a political rally and attack on the Trump agenda

March 1, 2017

February 27, 2017

By: Andrew Metcalf


Hundreds of people cheered Democratic national, state and local officials Sunday night at a town hall-style meeting in downtown Silver Spring  that doubled as a progressive political rally where chants of “sanctuary state” broke out multiple times and congressmen cast President Donald Trump as a man out to destroy American democracy.

The event at the Silver Spring Civic Center was billed as a town hall and organized by the...

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The Huffington Post - The Movement Resisting Donald Trump Has A Name: The (Local) Democratic Party While outside groups are getting the attention, local Democratic parties nationwide are seeing a surge of interest.

March 1, 2017

February 21, 2017

By Ryan Grim, Amanda Terkel


Local Democratic parties are confronting a problem in the Trump era that is as confounding as it is unexpected: space.

All across the country, party meetings that had once been sleepy affairs, dominated by Robert’s Rules of Order and a handful of graying activists, have become standing room only. The overflowing crowds have sent stunned party regulars scrambling to find new venues, while the surge in interest, and...

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The Daily Caller - Raskin: Republicans Are Clinging To The Electoral College, Gerrymandering

March 1, 2017

February 9, 2017

By: Juliegrace Brufke


BALTIMORE — Guns and religion aren’t the only things congressional Democrats are accusing Republicans of clinging to these days — the electoral college can now be added to the list.

In the wake of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton losing the election to President Donald Trump, a number of Democrats are calling for changes to the system. Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland alleged the electoral college isn’t...

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Bethesda Beat - After Announcing Inauguration Boycott, Raskin Invites Supporters to Friday Nature Walk Also secures 30 buses to transport 1,800 local demonstrators for Saturday’s Women’s March

March 1, 2017

January 18, 2017

By Bethany Rodgers


As the newly inaugurated president is parading through a crush of spectators Friday afternoon in Washington, D.C., U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin and his naturalist friend will be meeting to “wind our way through the magnificent trees of the floodplain forest.”

Raskin described his Friday plans in an email to supporters, shortly after announcing that his conscience wouldn’t allow him to attend President-elect Donald Trump’s...

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