Defend Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Prevent Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

Jamie strongly supports nuclear non-proliferation and is backing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which is designed to thwart the Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The Plan was negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration and is being considered by Congress. After speaking with members of Congress, consulting foreign policy experts, researching every side of the issue, and talking with many 8th District residents with strong opinions on all sides of the issue, Jamie has concluded that approving the agreement represents our best chance to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. The agreement pairs stringent physical prohibitions with a robust inspections regime that will immediately put inspectors on the ground. Jamie also points out that the sanctions will quickly snap back into place if Iran tries to cheat on the deal. While the JCPOA is imperfect, and critics raise many valid concerns that should not be dismissed out of hand, Jamie is convinced the agreement represents our best option to neutralize Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Please read Jamie’s detailed statement on the JCPOA here.