Reducing Gun Violence and Challenging the NRA

Gun violence is a national epidemic and a national disgrace.  But the industry-fed National Rifle Association and right-wing Republicans have continually blocked common-sense solutions to the crisis.  In the Maryland  Senate, Jamie has been an effective and unafraid leader on gun control.  In 2013, he worked with then-Senator and now Attorney General Brian Frosh to get passed one of the most comprehensive gun safety laws in the nation.  It imposed a life-saving fingerprint licensing system and banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.  This year, Jamie crafted legislation with Delegates Kathleen Dumais and Sandy Rosenberg to create a process for convicted domestic abusers to relinquish their firearms.  In Congress, Jamie will fight for legislation modeled after Maryland’s successful and comprehensive law. Appealing to the vast majority of gun owners who favor common-sense reforms to prevent catastrophes like the massacres in Newtown and Aurora, Jamie will work to build a “common-sense” coalition to make real change happen. Please read Jamie's detailed statement on gun safety here.

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