Promoting Education and Working For the Success of All Students

A professor of constitutional law for 25 years, Jamie is passionately committed to the educational success of all young people.  He and his wife Sarah have three college-age children.  Jamie is proud of the time he spent volunteering at his kids’ schools in Silver Spring and Takoma Park and proud of the work he has done in Annapolis to fully fund public education, increase desperately needed school construction dollars, enact Farm-to-Schools legislation and improve school nutrition, and curb the dogmas and protocols of the new testing mania which are all too often squeezing out real education and driving teachers out of the profession.   

 Jamie is deeply committed to making higher education affordable and accessible to all young people.  “I am fighting for debt-free college education as a national priority,” he says. “We need this new generation of creative, culturally aware, and technologically savvy young people to teach, to start businesses, to research, to work with seniors, to solve environmental problems, and to confront the stubborn problems of our day after they graduate.  Let’s stop saddling and hobbling our young people with mountains of debt that constrain their ability to thrive.”  

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