Fighting Climate Change and Putting a Price on the Social Calamity of Carbon

“Climate change isn’t just an issue,” Jamie said at his kickoff announcement. “It is the entire context in which we have to make all our public policy decisions.  If you get your science from scientists instead of Fox News, you know this is an emergency, not a myth.” In the State Senate, Jamie has worked hard to pass tough legislation to increase the renewable energy standards in our state energy portfolio, most recently cosponsoring and pressing for passage of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act to set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030; to pass the Green Maryland Act, which requires state agencies and departments to use recycling and composting plans and green purchasing and acquisition rules; and to create a state Climate Change Commission to take action to deal with the looming perils and profound damage already caused by climate change.

In Congress, Jamie will work to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow and halt climate change while investing in alternative clean energy technologies like solar and wind power that will permit us to break our dangerous carbon addiction.  Carbon pollution can be reduced most cost-effectively through market-based approaches that put a price on carbon.  Jamie will champion a sweeping carbon tax along with market-based solutions to stimulate renewable energy development and steadily and dramatically reduce carbon fuel consumption. He will advocate for the kind of tax-and-dividend policy Congressman Van Hollen has been introducing. The revenue generated from pricing carbon can fund the transition to a new green economy.  Jamie is calling for what he describes as a “Green Deal”—“what we need,” he says, “is massive infrastructural investment that is done in an environmentally positive way.”  He says that, “we are on the precipice of a new Green Industrial Revolution.  Let’s not mess it up. It’s almost certainly our last chance. We must show the vigor and creativity of the people who invented the New Deal.”

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