Taking on the Roberts Court and the Koch Brothers to Defend Democracy

As “one of America’s most ardent advocates for democracy” (The Nation 4/20/15) Jamie is a champion of sweeping campaign finance reform, a powerful defender of voting rights, and a passionate critic of Citizens United and the Roberts Court’s systematic deregulation of big money in politics.  Jamie was a key force in restoring the voting rights of ex-felons, successfully introduced legislation to lower the voter registration age to 16, and steered the nation’s first National Popular Vote law to passage.  After Citizens United was handed down, Jamie successfully introduced legislation in Maryland requiring outside spenders to disclose their spending in Maryland races, and he wrote a letter to Congress urging a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United that was signed by a majority of the General Assembly.   Jamie was the sole academic witness called by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3, 2014 in favor of the Democrats’ constitutional amendment, which every Democrat in Congress then voted to support.  Jamie has written numerous articles and reports for People for the American Way debunking the campaign finance dogmas of the “corporate Court” in what he calls “the Citizens United era.” 

In Congress Jamie will be a leading voice for reform, continuing Congressman Chris Van Hollen’s advocacy for the Disclose Act to shine a light on the gushing rivers of special-interest dark money and backing the small donor-driven Government By the People Act introduced by Congressman John Sarbanes.  Jamie will work to repeal special-interest sweetheart legislation that costs the public billions and seek to rebuild a statutory wall of separation between corporate treasury wealth and public elections.    

As the Nation magazine puts it, Jamie brings to this race and to Washington “plenty of big ideas about how to defend, strengthen and expand American democracy. And, if he is elected, Raskin will bring experience and energy to congressional debates about voting rights, fair elections and getting big money out of politics.”




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