Democracy Summer is a project of the Jamie Raskin for Congress campaign that we hope will become a national model for investing resources in training a new generation of Democratic political activists, organizers and leaders. More than 150 young people have been Democracy Summer Fellows in Jamie’s prior campaigns.

In Democracy Summer 2017, 40 college and high school students were selected as Fellows and trained to become superior political organizers for this critical period in American history.  They received practical training in all of the key skills of democratic campaigning: political strategy, canvassing, phone-banking, fundraising, field strategy, issue development and messaging, social media, rally organizing, event planning, scheduling, and campaign management.  They also participated in readings and discussions with leading Democratic policy experts and key progressive leaders and organizers on subjects such as climate change, reproductive freedom, wealth inequality, tax policy, immigration and refugee policy, the Electoral College, redistricting and gerrymandering, the domestic budget and the military budget, U.S, foreign policy, civil rights, voting rights and the spread of voter suppression tactics.


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